GolfBoard Teaming Up With Short Par 4 Fall Classic

After a successful second year of the GolfBoard at the 2019 World Amateur, golfers were scrambling for the opportunity to ’Surf the Earth.’  For a second straight year this November, they’ll be teaming up with the Short Par 4 Fall Classic to offer randomly selected participants the chance to ride.

The first patented all-wheel drive personal transport vehicle for golf, GolfBoards took the game by storm when they were named Best New Product for Golf at the 2014 PGA Show. And since a GolfBoard has 25% of the footprint of a golf cart, it allows golfers to take a direct path to their ball around greens which helps to speed up play.

As part of the partnership, GolfBoards will be at a different host course each day, providing a number of lucky participants the opportunity to add an extra form of excitement during their tournament round.

Don’t let the allusion to surfing scare you off. A GolfBoard is very stable and extremely easy to operate. The base of the board is wide which provides excellent stability, and learning to steer, which you are able to do with minimal effort, is easy. By the time you enjoy a little pre-round training, navigating a GolfBoard around the course quickly becomes second nature.


After another successful Team GolfBoard program at the World Am and the tournament scoring complied and compared:

  • The net score from a GolfBoard (76.4) was two strokes better than tournament scores posted from a golf cart (78.6) on the same course on the same day.
  • 24% of the total tournament rounds played on a GolfBoard were par or better.
  • 29% of contestants posted their best tournament score while riding a GolfBoard.
  • Another 21% posted their 2nd best score of the tournament while riding.

Chuck Brown, the GolfBoard South Carolina Rep, believes “GolfBoards are the perfect transport for tournament play by giving the player the independence to ride directly to his own ball, at his own pace, with his own thoughts, focus, and attitude. And for some players, the opportunity to remain standing between shots and not constantly having to get in and out of a golf cart, can reduce muscle stiffness and aches and pains to the back and knees.”

The golf industry hasn’t offered many “fun” innovations recently, but the GolfBoard will increase your enjoyment of the game; and for those of you wondering, yes, a GolfBoard comes complete with a drink holder.

So, how can you win a chance to use a GolfBoard during the Fall Classic? Click here to watch their video waiver and instruction video. At the end, you’ll be eligible to be selected to ride!

Not selected? Have no fear. GolfBoards are a large part of the Myrtle Beach market as True Blue, TPC Myrtle Beach and World Tour Golf Links have them available full time and you can request them during a practice round while here for the tournament.

Golf adopts change slowly, sometimes grudgingly, but GolfBoards are here to stay. Simply put, they are a “Faster, Fitter and Funner” way to get around a golf course.

Click here to get pre-registered to ride a golf board at any location. You can learn more about the GolfBoard at