Random Drawing Prize Winners Announced

A big thank you to all the 440+ golfers who came to join us for the 7th Annual Short Par 4 Fall Classic. Another big thank you to Short Par 4 for their support! Below are the winners of nearly $10,000 worth of randomly drawn prizes. Speak with your flight coordinator to retrieve your prize!


2021 Fall Classic EntryROSE/MCILROYJohnJohnson
Taylormade Spider PutterFOWLER/WOODSSherryCadorette
Taylormade Spider PutterJOHNSON/KOEPKADougWicker
Taylormade Spider PutterROSE/MCILROYJamieMitzo
Taylormade Spider PutterSPIETH/THOMASFrankEnnis
$200 Barefoot Gift CardFOWLER/WOODSCoreyDuncan
$200 Barefoot Gift CardJOHNSON/KOEPKAKevin Wheeler
Bushnell Wingman GPS SpeakerFOWLER/WOODSRickWheaton
Bushnell Wingman GPS SpeakerJOHNSON/KOEPKAKenPalmer
Bushnell Wingman GPS SpeakerROSE/MCILROYMatthewClawson
Bushnell Wingman GPS SpeakerSPIETH/THOMASMarioBombardiere
$100 Amazon Gift CardFOWLER/WOODSBillFortuna
$100 Amazon Gift CardJOHNSON/KOEPKATodHenby
$100 Amazon Gift CardSPIETH/THOMASFrederick Weil
$50 Greg Normans Gift CardFOWLER/WOODSKimberlyMiettinen
$50 Greg Normans Gift CardJOHNSON/KOEPKAMichaelSmith
$50 Greg Normans Gift CardROSE/MCILROYSamPiscione
$50 Greg Normans Gift CardSPIETH/THOMASGeorgeHendricks
$50 Homegrown Hospitality Gift CardFOWLER/WOODSHughEdwards
$50 Homegrown Hospitality Gift CardJOHNSON/KOEPKAChrisStrickland
$50 Homegrown Hospitality Gift CardROSE/MCILROYHarryWeimer
$50 Homegrown Hospitality Gift CardSPIETH/THOMASThomasClayton
3 Dozen Saintnine U-Pro Golf BallsFOWLER/WOODSTommyFincher
3 Dozen Saintnine U-Pro Golf BallsJOHNSON/KOEPKAToddCain
3 Dozen Saintnine U-Pro Golf BallsROSE/MCILROYTommyTyree
3 Dozen Saintnine U-Pro Golf BallsSPIETH/THOMASWilliamWorgull