Please see below for a listing of all practice round rates. To book a practice round, please contact the golf course directly. You do not have to be playing that course in your scheduled rotation in order to book a practice round at that facility.

BAREFOOT FAZIO(843) 390-3200$75.00
BAREFOOT DYE CLUB(843) 390-3200$75.00
CALEDONIA(843) 237-3675$69.00
GLEN DORNOCH(843) 249-2541$69.00
LEGENDS PARKLAND(843) 236-9318$45.00Includes Breakfast, Lunch & 2 Drinks
OYSTER BAY(910) 579-3528$45.00Includes Breakfast, Lunch & 2 Drinks
PAWLEYS PLANTATION(843) 237-6200$59.00
PRESTWICK(843) 293-4100$49.00
PINE LAKES(843) 315-7700$50.0072 hours in advance only.
THISTLE(910) 444-2500$59.00
TIGER'S EYE(910) 287-1717$50.00
TRUE BLUE(843) 235-0900$69.00